Logan Graham

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Until recently, I was the Prime Minister's Special Adviser in the UK. I worked on science and tech, like setting up a new ARPA, doing good stuff on AI, and becoming a Science Superpower. Importantly, I tried to prevent extreme risks.

Before that I did a PhD at the Machine Learning Research Group at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. I researched causal and interpretable machine learning at X, Google's moonshot lab, and Babylon Health. My guiding vision is a high-growth, sustainable, equitable world for all. I'd really like to automate science and the economy. You can find me on Twitter.

I'm exploring new things. Get in touch.

I curate interesting papers here – you might like them.

In the past I've been an entrepreneur, salsa dancer, and rower. I started and ran RAIL, helped launch a biotech startup, a fellowship for social entrepreneurs, and worked for a long time to help kids with Arthritis.

I write some things here → and here are some papers you should write.

Reading topic of the month: potpourri. Currently reading A Fire Upon the Deep and The Human use of Human Beings.