Logan Graham

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I'm currently a PhD student with the Machine Learning Research Group at the University of Oxford, where I study as a Rhodes Scholar. I'm also a several-time entrepreneur. I believe in using technology and business to solve the world's toughest challenges.

I research how we can improve machine learning with tools from causality and economics. I'm specifically interested in how we can use experimentation, object-relation reasoning, and structural equation modelling to create more efficient and generalizable intelligence. I curate interesting papers here – you might like them.

I also research: 30 years from now, how many of our jobs will be automated, why, and what new industries will automation create?

I'm an entrepreneur, salsa dancer, and rower. I started and ran RAIL, the Rhodes Artificial Intelligence Lab. I launched a biotech startup, a fellowship for social entrepreneurs, and worked for a long time to help kids with Arthritis.

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Reading topic of the month: Economic Systems of the Far Future. Currently reading Accelerando, Economic Science Fictions, and Stubborn Attachments