Logan Graham

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Logan Graham is a PhD student with the Machine Learning Research Group at the University of Oxford, where he studies as a Rhodes Scholar. He is currently working on causality and interpretability in machine learning. He has also worked on predicting the automatability of work and the future of job demand, and the intersection of computational intelligence and economics. He is supervised by Dr. Michael Osborne and Dr. Carl Benedikt Frey.

Logan was an AI resident at X, Google's sister semi-secretive "moonshot" R&D facility, and is currently a research intern at Babylon Health. At Oxford, Logan co-founded the Rhodes Artificial Intelligence Lab (RAIL), an applied machine learning lab for solving global social challenges. RAIL has worked on predicting medical disorders in South Africa and the United States, generating new drug candidates targeting anti-microbial resistance, risk-prioritizing homelessness for a major American city, identifying toxic online conversation, predicting the future of the UK job market for the UK government, and more.

Prior to Oxford, Logan helped launch Awake Labs, co-founded Yunus&Youth, was a data science fellow at Zipfian Academy, and conducted research in computational economics. When he was 7, Logan co-founded the Children's Arthritis Foundation and raised $150,000+ advocating for children with rheumatoid diseases.

He holds a BA (Hons) in economics from the University of British Columbia.